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Website design from Tenerife

A website is essential for any business or professional who wants to expand their reach and reach a larger audience. It is your online business card, where potential customers can learn about your services and products with just one click. With an attractive design and intuitive navigation, your website will become a valuable tool to connect with your customers and increase your sales.
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what I do

Technical consultancy

Search for innovative proposals for your website.

Installation of WordPress and Premium Template

Installation and configuration of content manager and DIVI template.

Domain management

Advice and management of your domain www.yourname.com


Installation of plug-ing and legal content that the website must contain.

Website hosting at Green Hosting
Web hosting on servers with the Green Hosting Seal.
Alta en buscadores

Creación de archivos necesarios para el rastreo en los buscadores.

Website design

Design, structuring and organization of your content to be published on the web.


Maintenance and optimization of the web the first 3 months.

Web hosting on servers with the GREEN HOSTING Seal

As work

I specialize in designing and developing custom websites for businesses and freelancers that reflect their unique image and style. I work collaboratively with my clients to understand their needs and goals, and create an online experience that helps them stand out from the competition and achieve their goals.

First contact

We meet and talk about your activity and what you need to find the right solution in the web project.

Beginning of design

I will create the website according to your specifications. Before publishing it, we will meet to make corrections and give the go-ahead.

Publication of your website

I’ll take care of domain registration and hosting so you can start working with your website.

web design prices 2023

(updated January 15, 2023)


Basic Web

before 490 €

1 page

4 items menú

1 year of web hosting


Standard Web

before 790 €

5 pages

5 sections in menu

1 year of web hosting


Full Web

before 990 €

10 pages

10 sections in menu

1 year of web hosting

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Website types

Basic Website

An ideal option for businesses or professionals looking for a minimalist and functional online presence. The website is made up of a single page, known as OnePage or Landing Page, where the visitor can navigate smoothly and efficiently through different sections. Content, including text, images, and videos, is contained on that single page, allowing essential information to be displayed clearly and concisely. These types of pages are ideal for presenting products or services with limited information.

Website Standard

A perfect option for businesses and professionals looking for a more complete and detailed online presence. The website has 5 internal pages where the visitor can easily interact. Each page is designed to present specific information, eg “home”, “what we do”, “who we are”, “where we are” and “other”. Content, including text, images, and videos, is arranged on these pages in an organized and strategic manner to provide a complete user experience. This type of page is ideal for any type of company, restaurants, among others.

Full Web

An option for businesses and professionals looking for a complete and detailed online presence. The website has 10 internal pages where ordered and categorized information is presented. It can be created in 2 languages ​​to reach a wider audience. The content includes text, images, videos, among others, which are used strategically to present the information of the company or service in a clear and concise manner.

Custom website

An option for those looking for a personalized online presence adapted to their specific needs. We will carry out a detailed study to understand the needs of web presence. We will work collaboratively to ensure that the solution meets your goals and expectations. This option is ideal for those businesses looking for a unique and personalized online presence.